Media Room is the premier content management platform for
production, distribution and entertainment and gives you room
to move, room to create and room to manage.


Silver Trak Digital one of the most trusted technology support companies in the media industry conceived Media Room in 2012 to be an agnostic content management platform. Designed and developed for aggregating, hosting, searching and delivering media content anywhere in the world, Media Room targeted three key concepts for content: security, availability and usage.

With the shift in media production to digital technology the opportunity to find a software platform “off the shelf” that was sufficiently robust and yet flexible enough to meet the unique demands of multiple clients was practically impossible. For most businesses confronted by the growth of digital files the alternative for a hosting management platform was an expensive, technology dependent option.

Media Room was developed in-house by Silver Trak Digital to not only meet the demands of content aggregation, usage and delivery, but was positioned to take advantage of the economies of scale, securely hosting multiple clients’ data, providing a very affordable alternative to buying or building one-off systems.

Media Room, now entering its third development iteration has proved invaluable to many production and post production companies across Australia, including sporting enterprises, streaming channels, distribution houses and independent producers and companies.

The development of Media Room continues well into the future targeting and incorporating advanced technology innovations such as live stream capture, voice to text, facial recognition and AI augmentation.


Media Room by Silver Trak Digital provides one of the most advanced asset management solutions available as a SaaS platform. Conceived and built in 2012, Media Room was influenced by Silver Trak’s 30 years of media experience and designed incorporating client requirements and expectations.

Creating production content in the digital environment has been the single most innovative change since television. Recording and creating content has never been easier than with the advancement of high definition digital cameras.

With innovation comes challenge.

More content means more files to search for the required data; developing camera technology means difficult format parity for distribution; growing file sizes means sharing and delivery delays across limited bandwidths – and scariest of all – digital files and open internet content means security problems, corruption, hacking, loss and theft.

Media Room powers continuous development, investigating and reflecting the most up to date technology and software advances. Our development teams’ continued efforts to always improve technologies with enhancements like AI, facial recognition, live logging, live capture and other advances means that our platform grows with innovation and users are never affected by complacency.

Media Room - Meeting the Challenge

Media Room addresses these challenges and more. Media Room provides you:

  • Direct content upload into personalised “Media Room” environments.
  • Automatic metadata extraction with enhanced unlimited post ingest tagging.
  • Development of AI, live logging, facial recognition and continuous metadata improvement.
  • Automated workflows creating proxy files in various codec specification for rapid screener or distribution delivery.

  • File acceleration technology moving content across the internet in the fastest possible time.
  • Original and transcoded content secured in a private cloud or coded cloud environment
  • Enhanced protection through encryption and watermarking.
  • Access and permissions totally controlled and easily edited by the client.
  • Complete transaction history recorded and reported through activity logs.

With the technology totally developed and controlled in-house by Silver Trak technicians, market innovation or client customisations are easily and quickly assessed, scoped and developed. Media Room is the premier content management platform for production, distribution and entertainment and gives you Room to Move, Room to Manage, Room to Create


Our Awesome Team

We have highly trained and extremely motivated staff in all areas of our business. This level of
expertise has allowed Silver Trak Digital to become a market leader within our range of services.
Our staff is the heart, soul and intellect of our business.

  • Tim Creswell

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Christian Christiansen

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Rod Capon

    Technical Manager
  • Steven Marcus

    Head of Tech Development
  • Kylie thatcher

    service manager
  • Matt Christie

    Customer Service Manager
  • Swati Fursule

    Technical Developer
  • Stefan Settels

    Media Tech (Graphics)
  • James Dartnell

    Digital Ops Mgr
  • Rob Gallimore

    Business Manager
  • Raquela Lombardo

    Traffic Mgr (DMZ)
  • Genevieve Enright

    Customer Service

Tim Creswell

Chief Executive Officer
Tim has worked in the Film and Television Industry for over 18 years. Tim started his career working for major Motion Picture studios and Video Distribution companies. During this time he managed DVD & Bluray authoring businesses and tape duplication facilities. With a Bachelor of Business degree, Tim has experienced all aspects of the industry and understands working to tight deadlines and the necessity of getting things right the first time, from both client and supplier perspectives.
With this in mind, Tim set up Buff Dubs in 2005 and has seen the business grow into a substantial business with the ability to compete on any level across many services. The business has a focus on offering the best service and personal attention.

Christian Christiansen

Chief Operating Officer
Christian has 20 years of senior sales and management experience and has held senior positions in companies such as Sony Australia (Sales Manager), Comcopy (GM), Sydney Multimedia Company (Director), Video 8 Media (Head of Sales) and others. Besides a solid knowledge of the Film & Television industry and the challenges facing the industry, Christian has a wealth of experience in selling media solutions to companies ranging from corporate/government to production/post production, in Australia as well as overseas.
In January 2012, Christian acquired Silver Trak Digital from Video 8 Media in a Management Buy Out. On March 1, 2013, Silver Trak Pty Ltd and Buff Dubs Pty Ltd merged to become Buff Dubs Pty Ltd trading as Silver Trak Digital. The merger took place due to the success from the broadcast services joint venture the two companies entered into in 2012 and was seen as a natural expansion for both companies. It has been warmly welcomed by the market place.

Rod Capon

Technical Manager
Rod completed his television operations techniques certificate in 1984 at North Sydney TAFE and subsequently commenced his career at Video 8 Media where he gained his diverse base in television, film, video, production, distribution and broadcast.

In 1990 Rod branched out to establish TVD Broadcast, a significant supplier of broadcast services in the Sydney Market. As GM of TVD Broadcast, Rod oversaw the quality control, domestic and international program duplication and distribution for companies such as Opera Australia, Grundy Television, Southern Star, Hi-5, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and others.

During his 20 years at TVD Broadcast, Rod developed many skills in archival processes, managing many large Archive and Restoration Projects for clients such as Malcolm Douglas Films, Opera Australia and Grundy Television’s archival projects of Neighbours, Young Doctors, Prisoner and Son’s & Daughters.

The skills acquired dealing with many old and troubled tape masters as well as developing clean archiving and restoration processes are second to none. Rod developed many new techniques to allow the transfer of old 8mm, 16mm 35mm film, 2″ quad, 1″C, U-matic, 1/4″ and D2 into digital formats. Many of these processes are utilised as standard archiving practices today around the world.

In 2010 Rod returned to Video 8 Media. He assisted in the development of the Video 8 Media cloud based MAM solution, which helped Video 8 Media establish itself as a market leader in broadcast file based content delivery systems.

Rods 28 years in the media industries, his ability to adapt in an ever evolving media market as well as having a great knowledge of legacy formats, has held him in high esteem in the Broadcast, Archival and Distribution markets, locally as well as overseas.

Steven Marcus

Head of Tech Development

Steven joined Silver Trak Digital in 2013. Steven has a B.A in Mathematics and Computer Science from Santa Clara University, California, He has over 20 year experience as a senior software developer, having worked all over the world writing software for broadcast, finance and other industries. Steven has been instrumental in the development of Media Room and will be a key player for Silver Trak Digital in our further transition into cloud based service offerings.


Kylie thatcher

service manager

Kylie has been in senior management for more than 10 years in the digital media industry. 

She has a background as graphic designer and have worked in post production, aggregation and authoring. Her work at Motionlink saw her manage high-volume projects for many local and international media organisations.

The client relationships she has built with film distributors, corporates and agencies have grown and developed with the industry and technology to ensure each business goes from strength to strength.

Kylie has developed unique internal work flows and a production management system to ensure all clients are provided with outstanding service, the highest levels of quality, efficiency, consistency and innovation. 


Matt Christie

Customer Service Manager

Matt has close to 10 years’ experience servicing the broadcast industry. Matt joined Beyond Distribution in 2004 first as Servicing Coordinator looking after clients such as Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Later Matt took on the role as Post Production Manager. During his 5 years with Beyond Distribution, he gained knowledge in Post Production as well as local and international Program Distribution. In 2010 Matt joined Video 8 Media and soon gained the respect of customers as well as colleagues.

Matt has a deep knowledge of distribution and broadcast requirements and has made many clients friends over the years.

Swati Fursule

Technical Developer

Swati graduated with Computer Science and Engineering and got campus recruited in L&T Infotech Ltd in India. She worked on protocol stack development including messaging and SS7 protocols, Mobile application development and Porting projects. She moved to Patni Computer Systems Ltd (former Capgemini) and worked on Storage product development for leading Storage Provider, EMCC (former DELL) for 8 years. She has represented the team onsite for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication (Japan), Nokia (Finland) and EMC (Boston) for various assignments.
She also completed Masters in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani Rajasthan, India in 2013.
Swati joined the Silver Trak Digital Software Development team in October 2016.

Stefan Settels

Media Tech (Graphics)

    Stefan joined Silver Trak Digital’s design team in November 2015.
    Stefan grew up in Holland where he studied Graphic Design. After university he started working in DVD authoring, encoding and design.
    He later moved to London where he worked at Deluxe doing technical assessment on DVD and blu-ray.
    Stefan moved to Australia in 2007 and worked mainly in graphic design; short films, intros/outros and lower thirds, info-graphic presentations, newspaper and magazine ads, promotional video graphics for flat panels and youtube.

    James Dartnell

    Digital Ops Mgr

    James has over 17 years of experience across Post Production, Broadcast, Digital Cinema and Content Distribution.

    Commencing his career at Technicolor London in 2001, he started out coordinating and scheduling the facility operations across Audio, QC, Edit and MCR. After stepping into the role of Head of Production, he successfully embedded the emerging technologies that would become the Digital Media department into the facilities already busy production landscape.

    After 11 years, James made the move to Sydney to look after operations for Technicolor Australia’s growing Digital Media Services department, working on content aggregation, content distribution, improving day to day operational efficiency as well as being instrumental in on-boarding new clients and workflows.

    Most recently James was Head of Digital Operations at Deluxe Australia responsible for the day to day operations across Digital Cinema, Media Services and Localisation.
    James has a desire to ensure clients needs are met, on time, on budget, first time, every time.

    Rob Gallimore

    Business Manager
      Rob Gallimore has 20 years senior management experience having run multinational business units both from within Australia and overseas. With a Bachelor of Business, Rob has extended his business education with certifications in Quality Management and Environmental Processes.

      Coming from a service industry background, successfully managing multi-million dollar contracts for government, utility and commercial, Rob brought his business and operational experience to the media industry in 2012.

      Joining Preferred Media as General Manager six years ago Rob took on the task to upgrade the well-established media archive facility to a digital asset management platform. Having successfully fulfilled his primary mandate to establish the business in the digital world and give them a new market direction, Rob joined Silver Trak Digital in 2018 as an experienced media format and content management specialist with substantial knowledge in content handling and digital asset management technology.

      Rob brings his experience and knowledge into a Business Development Management role for Silver Trak Digital, strengthening the team with his vast operational, sales and marketing background.

      Raquela Lombardo

      Traffic Mgr (DMZ)

      Raquela joined Silver Trak Digital in February 2016 after completing her four year degree in Media and Communications. While studying at the University of Sydney, Raquela interned for Spectrum Films at Fox Studios and worked as a Production Assistant on the television show “Fashion Bloggers”. Hence, Raquela is no stranger to client services. As Silver trak Digital’s DMZ Manager, Raquela helps to manage the distribution of our clients’ creative content both internally and externally, becoming a key player in the daily Silver Trak life.

      Genevieve Enright

      Customer Service

      Genevieve studied Media at Macquarie University and has a background in the legal, digital, writing and radio worlds.
      She writes and produces her own film, television and celebrity reviews/videos for website-Media Hype 101 with her own column “Netflix and Spill.”

      Genevieve has joined Silver Trak Digital as office coordinator/receptionist and is the first point of contact for enquiries.

      Building Client Trust

      Media Room is already used by key industry players who have found advantage in concentrating their time in their business and letting Media Room manage the content.

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