For more than 30 years NEP has been the broadcast industry’s first choice for project delivery and facilitation expertise. NEP Australia was contracted to record and distribute the Commonwealth Games footage for the Games that was held on the Gold Coast in April 2018.

As part of the distribution, NEP was required to make available legacy footage for each of the Commonwealth Games broadcasters to download prior to the games, as well as travel footage.

During the games NEP produced games highlights, some made available free to the Games broadcasters and with others paying a download and broadcast/streaming fee.


NEP professionally records, stores and produces content. Key to their content capture of the Commonwealth Games they needed to set up a system that facilitated and controlled what content is being accessed by which Games broadcaster. Without having such facility in-house NEP looked for a known and reliable third party supplier who could aggregate the content, process it and have it ready for delivery or download for broadcast.


Silver Trak Digital’s Media Room was found to be a streamlined and easy to use system that would readily compliment NEP content capture. Each Games broadcaster was set-up with a unique Media Room which was monitored and managed for security and billing purposes. Different permissions set within the Media Room system controlled what material could be accessed for viewing and what could be downloaded.


The outcome was evident through the success of the Games broadcast and streaming, with no technical or quality issues reported across the lead up promotion, ceremonies and actual two weeks of competition. More than 20,000 files were played back and more 5,000 files were downloaded/delivered leading up to and during the games.

Transmission Films

Launched in 2008, Transmission Films is a leading independent film distributor bringing the best local and international films to Australian and New Zealand audiences. In the ten years of operation Transmission has released over 180 films, including such acclaimed films as The King’s Speech, Amour, Samson & Delilah, The Railway Man, Calvary, Shame, Tracks, Mr Turner, Holding The Man, Suffragette, Carol, Brooklyn and Lion.


Looking for a more substantial and practical solution for storing, cataloguing and searching their growing library Transmission Films researched available technology solutions rather than simply transferring content to LTO tape. Requiring the ability to search and access content by title and other key metadata tags they really needed a solution that provided them 24 x 7 access to content from anywhere and gave them the capability to view, share or download in either hi-res or proxy/mezzanine formats quickly and easily.


Transmission Films migrated their library across to Media Room in 2014. Upon migration Silver Trak Digital provided a Quality Control validation and technical inspection to ensure the masters were correct, before uploading into Media Room.


Icon Films now makes use Media Room as archive storage solution, allowing instant access for their thousands of master files. Media Room offers Icon the facility to transcode and deliver Master files or Screener versions to any broadcast or VOD distribution platform or promotional address within Australia or internationally, with the added benefit of security protections and watermarking.


Established in the early 70s in Ontario, Canada, Entertainment One Ltd. (LSE:ETO) focused on retail sales of recorded music, but found new markets in entertainment content expanding into video and distribution. eOne as it has become know is now a global independent studio specialising in the development, acquisition, production, financing, distribution and sales of entertainment content.  The Company’s rights library has expanded across all media formats and includes more than 80,000 hours of film and television content and approximately 40,000 music tracks.


With a growing need to bring the content to the market Entertainment One looked for a single technology platform from which it could securely deliver EPK and publicity materials to a wide range of external platforms, including TV broadcasters, VOD platforms, as well as online and print based publications.


Media Room provided Entertainment One with a single aggregation point for content upload all of their EPK and publicity materials. The configuration of Media Room offered eOne a workflow preset for their  distribution lists enabling delivery of master files as well as coding internet friendly low res files through media room, including capture and delivery of still images and audio only files.


Icon Film is an ‘all rights’ business that distributes content throughout theatrical, home entertainment, ancillary, pay per view, digital, as well as pay and free television channels. Since inception, Icon’s titles have generated over $300 million at the box office in Australia and New Zealand  including the following acclaimed releases; Hacksaw Ridge, Last Cab to Darwin, Love & Mercy, Still Alice, 12 Years a Slave, Zero Dark Thirty, The Queen, The Iron Lady, Slumdog Millionaire, RED, La Vie en Rose and Death at a Funeral.


Facing ever growing production content Icon wanted a better option to storing and accessing the masters of their entire library than their existing LTO solution.  The aim was to have their content reside in a secure, but easily searched and immediately available platform that provided Icon with the instant delivery capability for marketing clips or feature distribution.

For Icon content needs to be immediately available for monetisation through the access any title at any time to view and deliver masters and screener versions.


After researching various systems available on the Australian market Icon Films settled on Media Room and in 2014 commenced the migration of their production library.

As content was received by Silver Trak Digital a preliminary QC and technical inspection was carried out to ensure that the masters were correct and free of errors or corruptions, before uploading into Media Room.


Icon Films has since 2014 satisfactorily utilised Media Room as secure archive storage with instant access for their thousands of master files.  More importantly they have been able to create new marketing opportunities through the ability to deliver the Master or Screener versions of their files, with the added benefits of watermarking and transcoding providing immediate deliveries to broadcasters and VOD platforms across Australia and the world.

Moose Toys

Moose Toys, with head office in Melbourne, Australia has a global presence when it comes to toy design, development and distribution, with offices located in the US, UK, Hong Kong and China.

The company sold product in more than 85 countries in 2017 and is currently listed as the fifth largest toy manufacturer in Australia and fourth largest in the United States. Moose has expanded its portfolio of services and has recently become a market leader in developing aps, content and entertainment.


In 2016 Moose Toys created a mini TV series around their most popular product; Shopkins. This was followed by a short film in 2016 and two features in 2017 and 2018.

The success of these features and the fact Moose Toys is a worldwide company meant that Moose Toys needed to find a platform from which to share content across territories and time zones.


Media Room was reviewed and seen as an inexpensive solution providing instant content access capability and enabling various departments to view and further process production content. Silver Trak Digital’s associated services of QC and encoding added valuable workflow functionality for marketing and distribution.

The content could be uploaded processed and made available for delivery to NBCU’s platform for market distribution in a very short timeframe. Content is captured and stored in perpetuity with the secured environment of Media Room’s cloud storage


Media Room has been a great solution for Moose Toys due to Media Room’s flexibility. It has allowed Moose Toys to collect production rushes from production houses, have the content QC’d, stored and shared/distributed across territories and time zones.