ABC Commercial

ABC Commercial is an Australian icon in content marketing – they represent the television, digital, and DVD program catalogue of the ABC, as well as programs sourced from independent producers in Australia and internationally. For over 40 years, ABC Commercial has been at the forefront of content marketing, distribution and international program sales.

ABC Commercial have access to Australia’s largest media collection of stock footage, still images, sound bites and television programs from over 80 years of the ABC’s coverage of news, current affairs, sport, science, natural history and the arts.


With all this valuable content accumulated over the years the burning question for the ABC was how to best manage the library and capitalise on the content contained in both legacy format and digital content production.

In 2014 ABC Commercial commenced looking for a partner to assist in transforming ABC Commercial from a tape base content distributor to a file based distributor. The ABC Commercial library was a substantial tape based archive critically in need of digitising, storage and metadata tagging in order to develop new markets and revenue streams. The content was clearly of value but needed to be in a format and retained on a platform that could easily searched and retrieved rapidly for monetisation.

The Solution

Media Room was a burgeoning concept that embraced many of the primary needs for ABC Commercial, but more importantly it offered the ABC the unique opportunity to develop features based on their specific needs. With locally based developers many of the current Media Room management features were derived from those initial consultative 6 months of working closely with ABC Commercial. Today ABC Commercial remain one of the large clients for Media Room and continue to work closely with Silver Trak Digital on enhancements and attributes.

The Results

ABC Commercial key requirements are now completely facilitated by Media Room in its capacity as a distribution system. At the core of the platform is encompassed:

  • Fully elastic, secure storage
  • Segregation of content based on type and permissions
  • Secure electronic screener campaigns
  • Transcode and frame rate engine
  • Flexible delivery platform utilising Aspera
  • Automated workflow engine
  • Customisable metadata tagging

As an outcome Media Room has provided ABC Commercial with its platform for monetisation and assisted with the recovery of content from legacy formats by conversion to data. Media Room now hosts more than 8,000 programs for ABC Commercial and collects/distributes more than 15TBs of digital content monthly.

Silver Trak Digital has embraced close working relationships with clients to ensure that our software development is clearly focused on client needs and benefits.

Beyond Distribution

Beyond Distribution has been a leading independent distributor of world-class television content since 1985. Working from their Dublin located office they have established vital sales teams in London and Sydney to capitalise on the wealth of opportunities in these dynamic regions.

Beyond’s name is synonymous with programmes of broad commercial appeal to television audiences worldwide and host a content catalogue comprising over 4,000 hours of top quality and multi-award winning programming.


Early in their evolution Beyond Distribution recognised that they needed a robust, but simple solution to receive, store, search and share content across their various markets and territories. While evaluating both in-house and external asset management systems they considered both the upfront investment and the on-going technology development and maintenance as a big commitment outside of their core services. Their base requirements were not unique to the industry and mirrored what a number of broadcasters and distributors face in being able to:

  • collect files electronically from local and overseas content owners
  • store files in a secure environment
  • add searchable metadata to collected content
  • distribute content in a secure environment
  • share content across territories and time zones.

SIlver Trak Digital approached Beyond with the custom built Media Room platform as the potential solution.


Media Room was demonstrated as an easy to use and inexpensive solution for Beyond Distribution.

The platform allowed Beyond Distribution to collect media from any of its content owners through Media Room’s intuitive Upload function. Files would be directly uploaded to the platform using Media Room’s Aspera protocol at no cost to Beyond Distribution or the content owner. When files had been processed in Media Room, Beyond Distribution’s sales and distributions teams would receive a notification that a new file is ready to view.

The inbuilt features of Media Room would then provide Beyond Distribution to quickly review and add additional, unique, searchable metadata. Files in either Native form or transcoded to any format/resolution would be stored in secure private cloud or in AWS according to Beyond’s preference. With file readiness created, Beyond Distribution can deliver files and screeners to any audience across the world using Media Room’s Aspera; via download link, Aspera to Aspera or AWS S3 push.


The Media Room solution met Beyond Distributions key criteria and gave them a viable Asset Management option that they would have otherwise invested considerable amount of time and money creating.

Beyond Distribution has been a Media Room client for more than 2 years. They now hold more than 5,000 programs in Media Room and collect/distribute more than 10TB of content data monthly.