Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia is the governing body for professional and amateur cricket in Australia.

Like other sporting organisations around the world, Cricket Australia has taken full control of the Cricket Australia content that was sitting with various Australian and international broadcasters.


CA’s goal in this content hungry market is to build a substantial archive of legacy content which they have been repurposing for local and international distribution. Their current asset management system has proved to be expensive and lacks the feature set functionality to truly suit this purpose.


Media Room by Silver Trak was offered as an alternative providing an easy to use and inexpensive solution for Cricket Australia.

Cricket Australia secured the content in a private cloud can deliver files and screeners to any audience across the world using Media Room’s Aspera; via download link, Aspera to Aspera or AWS S3 push. In addition to the delivery functionality of Media Room, content ingest through Media Room provides workflow transcode and frame rate conversion capabilities to enable instant file availability for delivery anywhere, anytime.

Media Room has a set of prebuilt transcode/frame rate conversion profiles specifically built for the delivery destinations required by Cricket Australia. These profile configurations are coupled with an

intricate QC processes on newly created programming prior to distribution to ensure compliance.


Utilising the Media Room technology has enabled Cricket Australia to aggregate quantities of content and successfully delivered many high-end programming derived files and matches from their exhaustive legacy archive, growing a valuable revenue stream.


Inverleigh is a leader in non-live sports content. Inverleigh produces and distributes premium sports entertainment & lifestyle programming, including weekly news and magazine programs, timeless catalogue and major event preview content for traditional and digital broadcast platforms.

With operations in Melbourne, London and Miami, Inverleigh currently produces more than 350 hours of premium sporting content yearly and supplies programming to over 330 broadcasters globally.


Commencing distribution through a large satellite footprint to more than 300 organisation worldwide Inverleigh soon recognised that this historically cost effective solution held some significant limitations for distribution flexibility. The growing number of media organisations hungry for content had a reluctance to invest in the satellite infrastructure preferring the much cheaper and easier file based delivery catering to the varying file formats and anytime, anywhere delivery.

Inverleigh needed a partner to assist in the transformation from satellite to file based delivery on a growing scale.


During 18 months close consultation between Media Room and Inverleigh an end to end distribution system was developed and customised.

Media Room introduced a rule based workflow system that based on an incoming file’s attributes would produce one or several output files in various codecs, frame rates and audio configurations.

A unique output would be associated with a unique distribution list to allow for mail merge tagging with a person/organisation on a distribution list being associated with a preferred delivery method; Aspera download link, Aspera to Aspera or AWS S3 push.


A simple solution that  today provides Inverleigh with an instant file upload and conforming capability; Media Room now delivers a preferred file format via a preferred delivery method to more than 300 destinations worldwide.

This has significantly cut down on the resources and time required for distribution and allowed Inverleigh additional time to finish programming.


IMG operates through 30 countries as the pre-eminent sports, events and talent management company, representing and managing some of the worlds greatest sporting federations, talents and fashion icons hosting and distributing content for over 40 leading sports federations and government bodies worldwide.

IMG Australia, a subsidiary of IMG has distribution and production rights to a vast number of the Australian sporting codes. It also serves as a local distribution point for other IMG offices across the world.

The Challenge:

To appropriately meet the demands of the sporting and events market IMG Australia required an asset management solution that would remove the manual burden of file and content management. They needed a robust solution that would:

  • collect files electronically from local and overseas content owners
  • store files in a categorised, secure environment
  • add searchable metadata to collected content
  • share and distribute content in a secure environment

The Solution:

As part of the research Media Room was seen as an easy to use and inexpensive solution.

IMG was able to collect media from content owners through Media Room’s intuitive upload function, with files being directly uploaded via Media Room’s Aspera file accelerator link at no additional cost to IMG or the content owner. Following the processing of the files to IMG’s workflow through Media Room, IMG receive instant notification that a new file is ready to view. IMG are then enabled to add additional, searchable metadata into customisable fields, with all files stored in secure private cloud or in AWS according to clients’ preference with automated transcode configuration to provide immediate readiness for any desired delivery.

IMG can deliver files and screeners to any audience across the world using Media Room’s Aspera; via download link, Aspera to Aspera or AWS S3 push.

The Outcome:

The Media Room solution has meant that content is both secure and immediately available for distribution and provided IMG with a content platform that is easily searchable 24 x 7 on any internet connected device. Over the three years that IMG has been utilising Media Room, the monthly costs to IMG have proven to be far less than the cost IMG used to incur on courier and hard drives and provided them with a technology solution for today and developing several product innovations such as AI facilities for the ease of use into the future.

IMG Australia now holds several thousand programs in Media Room and collects/distributes close to 10TB of content monthly, which has secured the content, lowered the cost and provided IMG with file delivery flexibility.