Silver Trak Digital launches revolutionary Media Room 3.0

Next generation Media Asset Management solution

In what is widely being seen as a gamechanger for the media and entertainment industries, Silver Trak Digital has launched version 3.0 of its ultra-advanced, cloud-based Media Room asset management solution.

Media Room 3.0 has a number of exceptional new features including a fully-elastic Aspera cloud service allowing users to collect and distribute files at up to 3Gbs, a frame accurate player, clipping, transcoding and framerate conversions. It also boasts per-recipient dynamic watermarking, IP restrictions and 2FA for increased security. There’s full studio grade DRM and enhanced artwork capabilities for electronic screener campaigns and that’s in addition to AI/ML, speech to text, face and logo recognition, enhanced audio handling and a new Media Room Media Centre for controlled sharing of content.

Silver Trak Digital COO Christian Christiansen explained, “Media Room 3.0 is the culmination of nearly a decade’s development. In 2012 Silver Trak Digital was operating as a 9 to 5 business in an industry that required content services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Media Room was developed to place Silver Trak Digital right on the user’s desktop providing a 24 x 7 operation. With the industry facing major technology changes moving from tape-based workflows to file-based ones, supporting technologies needed to transition accordingly and provide an easy way for files to be captured, stored, searched and transcoded for rapid distribution. Hence Media Room was born.”

Silver Trak wanted their clients to be able to self-serve many of the services they offered including Aspera file-based deliveries, transcodes and framerate conversions. It was Media Room that would enable this range of services to become available to clients who, critically, would only be paying for them when they used them making the transition to file-based workflows easy and cost effective.

Christiansen continued, “At the time we decided on developing Media Room, the industry had gone through a period of contraction. Many technical and operational people had left and more and more clients relied on Silver Trak Digital to be not just the service provider of highly technical services but also the adviser on technical specs. It was clear Media Room had to play a bigger and more important part in our clients’ day to day operations.”

Thus Media Room was further developed so less technically-minded users could perform more complex services via a particularly easy to use interface.

Christiansen added, “We had to offer Media Room at a price point that would suit the Australian media industry and would allow organisations of any size to take advantage of Media Room’s flexibility. Users, of course, wanted Media Room to make them more efficient, so at every stage of Media Room’s development we consulted with our clients to make sure the features offered were relevant and effective. This close consultative partnership with our clients has been one of the major reasons for Media Room’s success.”

Fast forward to 2021 and Media Room 3.0 is Australia’s preeminent, affordable asset management platform that provides users with even more features than before. Built to manage native broadcast files including 4K content, Media Room allows clients to collect, store and manage content in an intuitive, secure environment.

Explaining the game changing nature of Media Room 3.0 Christiansen said, “Users of Media Room 3.0 can now get all of the features and functionality listed above in one, easy to use interface. We are particularly proud of the new Screener module that allows companies to be individually creative in their presentation and look of screener campaigns with enhanced artwork features, dynamic watermarking and full studio grade DRM. Media Room 3.0 sets a new high bar as result of working in such close partnership with the broadcast, news, sports, distribution, production and post production industries over the past ten years.”

An example of the effectiveness of Media Room 3.0 comes in the distribution of content, which gets a major boost when it is aggregated and collected through Media Room. The content is easily uploaded by third party producers or post production facilities into Media Room which in turn also provides a secure sharing environment for rushes. Media Room then facilitates the storage and management of hundreds of thousands of files in every imaginable format and then delivers them to clients around the world via a simple, straightforward and efficient Media Room-generated delivery.

Christiansen has seen an unparalleled rise in the use and success of Media Room over the last ten years with clients now using the solution across multiple verticals and industries.

He notes that, in addition, one of the major benefits that comes with Media Room is the overall and underlying business of Silver Trak Digital itself. As a result, any client who uses Media Room has easy access to the many services Silver Trak Digital offers such as “eyes on” QC, content preparation and packaging for over 100 OTT, SVOD and AVOD platforms, DCP creation and distribution and much more.

Christian Christiansen concluded, “Media Room benefits all of our clients by making them more efficient, more mobile and agile. As such Media Room 3.0 is a tremendous asset to the industry in Australia as it enables cost effective access to digital services so they are no longer cost prohibitive and challenging.

Even if you are not a Media Room client in the broadcast, production or post production industries, you will have most certainly experienced Media Room by either receiving content from or uploading content into Media Room. Media Room 3.0 builds on a ten year pedigree and takes its users to the next level of services for the future.”

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Silver Trak Digital’s new Media Room 3.0 in action

Silver Trak Digital joins the Industry-First Globalization Association as a Forming Member

Silver Trak Digital is proud to be included as one of the forming members of the Entertainment Globalization Association. With our industry history and over 30 years of technical experience the Silver Trak Digital team are well positioned to meet the demands and global challenges of the changing industry opportunities.

COVID-19  impact across the world quarantined countries and individuals, locking down people in their homes and exploding the demand for streaming entertainment and above all localised content. The demand and user applications for localised content was pushing the streaming industry beyond capability and a co-ordinated approach to content adaptation became the industry’s priority.

“Entertainment Globalization Association” (EGA) was formed to address this unique problem, its main thrust to enhance streaming content viewing across the globe through “localisation” services.

Chris Fetner the Managing Direction of EGA and former global director of production for Netflix, has brought together 60 highly skilled technical service providers to deliver dubbing, subtitling and other services to ensure that the streaming services industry can adequately diversify across the globe with local format content.

Silver Trak Digital services, which include content engineering, format transformation, QC delivery, dubbing, subtitling and closed captioning is proud to be a part of this growth sector, which has in 2020 increased in user application in excess of 35%.

The group of companies mobilised across the world which includes Silver Trak Digital are positioned to address the service need and enable new platforms to open for distribution of content to both local and international markets, providing opportunities for new and redeveloped production content to hit new markets.

Read the full Announcement below:

Sixty Companies Form Industry-First Globalization Association

Today, 10 founding companies and 50 forming companies have announced their collaboration to create the entertainment industry’s first association focused specifically on entertainment globalization. Globalization is defined as Dubbing, Subtitling, and Audio Description services which allow content to be consumed in languages other than the original version. The founding companies together with the additional 50 forming companies represent high caliber service providers from all around the world. The Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) has been formed to create a closer connection to the creative community to better facilitate the “retelling” of their stories for global audiences. The association is primarily focused on creating educational resources, localization standards and generating consumer impact research of localization. Chris Fetner named as the managing director of the association, formerly led Netflix’s content localization vendor strategy for nearly a decade and is widely regarded as an industry transformer among entertainment localization companies.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with these leaders in localization, every company in the association is an outstanding contributor to sharing stories globally, and I’m excited to see how we can all work together to help creatives share their stories more broadly,” said Fetner.

The association is already the largest of its kind through the support of its named founders and forming companies, and is currently open to new members that work as individuals or companies providing globalization services in gaming, episodic television, feature film or access services. The association will begin forming committees in December 2020 and commence activities in early 2021. Among its early efforts are a full slate of standards to be established as well as educational outreach plans starting in Q1 of 2021. Given the huge industry support with 60 of the leading globalization companies already signed up, EGA has garnered a deep interest in the vision of the organization.

“The initial support of this group has been overwhelming. Every single member is excited about the work they do re-telling stories for the creative community and this is a signal to that community saying we’re here to support you and help you tell your stories globally in what will no doubt be an unprecedented time of growth and opportunity to entertain the world,” said Fetner.

According to Grand View Research, the entertainment industry will experience incredible growth over the next five years that will largely be driven by expanding streaming platforms moving outside of their domestic offerings into international markets. Entertainment globalization plays a significant role in this expansion by extending intellectual properties into new languages, regions and experiences by providing audio localization (dubbing), subtitling, and audio description. This work has largely been behind-the-scenes and traditionally takes place long after the original show’s creatives have moved onto other projects.

With streaming platforms providing opportunities for global reach, creative talent and producers alike have realized that quality globalization plays a critical role in the success of a production. The new understanding is that globalization is less of a science and more of an art form that needs to be incorporated into the production process to ensure that stories are resonating with their global audiences. The EGA has been formed to give creative talent a resource to build their competency around globalization and a set of motivated partners to help them entertain audiences all over the world.

David Elder appointed GM at Silver Trak Digital NZ

With their newly-established Auckland office going from strength to strength, Silver Trak Digital has announced that industry veteran and technology specialist David Elder has joined the company as GM of Silver Trak New Zealand.

Elder brings with him over thirty-two years’ executive leadership and senior management experience, reporting at CEO and director level and leading diverse teams in 24/7 mission critical operations. As a key influencer and driver of executive teams and a positive change agent within businesses he is particularly well known as a highly proactive strategist and innovator.

Elder has most recently enjoyed success as the principal of DECompl3x, Head of Business and Product Development at MediaHub Australia, On Air Services Executive and Head of Presentation and Programme Traffic at SKY TV NZ and Head of Presentation at TV3 in NZ.

Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen said, “David is already incredibly well known and respected and really needs no introduction. He is such a great fit for Silver Trak NZ as the General Manager position holds overall responsibility for business creation, development, facilitation and operations in the New Zealand and any related markets. In short, he is the central point of contact in NZ for all traditional Silver Trak broadcast, film, duplication and QC services, our Media Room asset management solution and all DAMsmart digitisation services. With his experience and connections, he is ideal for the role and we are delighted to have him on board.”

The Silver Trak NZ GM role sees Elder actively pursuing new business opportunities for the company whilst simultaneously implementing business growth strategies throughout the region. He will develop and manage customer relationships with new and existing clients and oversee all required business operations. Elder will also manage all Silver Trak NZ personnel to ensure that they are able to give the company’s clients the very best possible service and solutions.

As a man who has been around the traps for a while and very much knows the lay of the land David Elder said, “Silver Trak is a great company in many ways, none more so than how they like to innovate and grow. I believe in developing long-term partnerships and implementing successful change management, something I have very much in common with the Silver Trak executive team and their business philosophy. Silver Trak’s expansion into the NZ market is an excellent opportunity and one I’m very glad to be a part of.”

Giving back to the NZ community at large is also something of personal importance to David Elder as shown by years of volunteer activities for not for profit organisations, sports teams and time on both school, club and many industry association boards.

David Elder can be contacted at Silver Trak’s New Zealand office by visiting 3D Delta Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland, 0600, New Zealand, emailing and by calling +64 21 025 00969.

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Silver Trak Digital NZ GM David Elder

Silver Trak Digital establishes New Zealand office

Going from strength to strength and as part of the company’s continued expansion across the Asia pacific region, Silver Trak Digital has established a new office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen

Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen explained, “As we were when we opened our offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur and to meet the unprecedented demand for our services, we are delighted that we are now able to offer to the full range of Silver Trak solutions to all customers across New Zealand from our Auckland office.”

According to Christiansen the main services offered from the NZ office are digital cinema mastering and management including duplicating and distributing content via hard drives or IP delivery to NZ cinemas, working with DAMsmart to provide digitisation services and Media Room to provide advanced asset management services to the NZ market.

The NZ office will also be a hub for technical assessment QC for SD, HD and 4K SDR/HDR content, preparation and packaging services for OTT and broadcast, general broadcast services and a variety of audio services.

Christiansen concluded, “Much like our Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur offices, if Silver Trak offer a service or solution customers will be able to access it and enjoy its benefits on the ground in New Zealand by visiting or dealing with our Auckland office directly. We also have a very exciting announcement about a new GM for the NZ office coming soon too, so watch this space.”

Silver Trak’s New Zealand office can be contacted by visiting 3D Delta Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland, 0600, New Zealand and by calling  +64 9 2828262.

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Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen

Silver Trak Digital expands MediaTrak workflow solution

SYDNEY, 11 June 2020 – In addition to acquiring new businesses in Australia and the Asia Pacific region and launching new offices in Malaysia, Silver Trak Digital has also been busy expanding its unique MediaTrak workflow management solution.

MediaTrak dashboard

Silver Trak Digital Cinema Manager Kylie Longworth explained, “As Silver Trak continues to grow rapidly, we need a business tool that communicated and tracked all work being completed for many services. One need was to increase the capacity of production and in turn the efficiency of client services resources and communication. The second need was to provide production technicians with a clear communication tool that also generates production elements. The third need was to have an overview of the current workload and visibility of resource distribution. The solution tool to handle all of this was MediaTrak.”

Kylie Longworth

MediaTrak collects a range of information for Silver Trak and turns it into a day to day manager for staff and equipment resources, client portal for complete visibility as well a database of IP for the services that Silver Trak has to offer.

QC report

Longworth continued, “With a background in web development and years of Blu-ray and DVD user interface design and navigation creation, we have created in MediaTrak a simple and effective user interface that is very easy to use. The adaptability for the client and services we need to cover in the platform also allows the system to grow as our technology does.”

MediaTrak is a cloud-based web interface that updates in real-time. As a media technician or supplier updates a status against a service, the client can see its progress.

Longworth added, “We now have a range of clients and suppliers using the MediaTrak platform across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. With many clients and suppliers on a range of time zones, the ease of checking status and progress of the work being completed by Silver Trak has never been easier. The smart layout and unique services MediaTrak provides allow us to easily create a one-stop-shop platform and ordering system.”

Silver Trak Digital offers a simplified online services management portal through the easily customised MediaTrak solution. Users can now place an order for any number of services, track the order’s progress and watch it successfully be delivered to a variety of broadcast and distribution outputs all via this effective and efficient tool.

MediaTrak works in parallel to Silver Trak’s highly-acclaimed Media Room, one of the most advanced asset management solutions available as a SaaS platform, to ensure every piece of content including film, TV and music masters, trailers, graphics, photos, metadata, captioning, subtitles and audio streams are digitally archived in one place keeping tracking and access simple and secure.

Kylie Longworth concluded, “MediaTrak gives users immediate access to a full-service, production facility. From complex UHD, Blu-ray and DVD design and authoring, QC to transfers, conversions, edits and broadcast delivery all under one roof. With all of our platforms we ensure our clients get complete transparency, what they want when they want it and great service from an expert team. MediaTrak has an easy-to-use web-interface that makes ordering and delivering content a breeze, saving time and eliminating margin for error. Then, by storing content in Media Room, users have completely futureproofed their content solution for their library.”

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MediaTrak screen grabs

Silver Trak Digital Cinema Manager Kylie Longworth

DAMsmart Asia, Silver Trak Digital and TransMedia Dynamics launch Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence in Kuala Lumpur

For digitisation of motion picture film and restoration of moving image content

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 February 2020 – In a world first today DAMsmart Asia, Silver Trak Digital and TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to officially launch a Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence in a purpose-built facility in Kuala Lumpur. The facility was officially opened by YB Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, alongside representatives from the Australian and British High Commissions.

The new Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence is part of Silver Trak Digital’s same expansion in and commitment to south east Asia, and now acts as a hub that offers a full range of digital media services to government, media and entertainment clients throughout the region. There’s also high-capacity digitisation and preservation services for any form of aging audio and videotape.

Then the facility offers content aggregation, language, quality assurance and checking for digital video and film, electronic content distribution, DCI mastering, duplication and distribution services integrated with full media asset management using TMD’s highly-acclaimed Mediaflex UMS system.

All in all, this new facility offers a complete set of cutting-edge services and solutions under one roof in a single south-east Asian location.

DAMsmart’s Joe Kelly said, “DAMsmart is the leading specialist archive digitisation and management services provider in Australia. With the backing of our parent company Silver Trak Digital, we launched DAMsmart Asia and this new facility in Kuala Lumpur. It’s clear that all forms of media archives are now at risk of permanent loss within the next few years if urgent action is not taken to convert the physical holdings of videotapes, audiotapes and film into data, due primarily to technology obsolescence and media degradation. With this new facility, our significant experience and expertise in these areas are now available to government agencies and private sector organisations in Malaysia as well as other countries throughout the region.”

DAMsmart Asia are using TMD’s latest generation of Mediaflex®-UMS (Unified Media Services) platform, which provides them with a cloud-native, service-oriented architecture delivering media aware, software-defined workflows.

Mediaflex-UMS supports the management of both physical media and digital content. It enables DAMsmart Asia to manage the digital supply chain of their media content, including acquisition, creation, digitisation, re-purposing, preservation, enrichment, delivery, publishing and archiving through TMD’s own applications and from its extensive list of integration partners.

TMD CEO Carlton Smith added, “The new Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence is unique. Within the centre TMD will support and maintain the Mediaflex-UMS platform and services and provide general IT support for the entire facility. It truly is a world first and one of a kind offering.”

The new Centre of Excellence also specialises in motion picture film scanning for any film gauge at any resolution and is the first to utilise the new GoldeneyeNet global franchise network, launched this year by one of the centre’s key technology partners, Digital Vision World (DVW).

GoldeneyeNet includes the acclaimed Goldeneye IV Archival Scanner and Phoenix and Loki suite of products that enable DAMsmart Asia to offer clients world-class and award-winning DVO restoration and file-based image processing tools.

The GoldeneyeNet network is central to the facility’s overall offering for film preservation, restoration and archival work with its truly unique Universal Optics and the fact that any film from 8mm to 70mm, including Pathé and every format in between, can be scanned.

DVW’s Director of Global Sales, Mark Coleman, said, “By launching our new GoldeneyeNet platform with DAMsmart at the new Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence we offer a unique and valuable opportunity to the market. As the most versatile high quality film scanner on the market, Goldeneye IV gives the facility the advantage of being able to tackle any film format that a client has. The opportunity for clients to then have their content processed by experienced operators on our Phoenix and Loki software suites using the same multi award-winning DVO tools used by National Archives and the largest film studios around the world under one roof, is another major bonus. All of this is now available to clients without the need for cost-prohibitive investment on their part.”

The final offering in this amazing new facility comes from Silver Trak Digital themselves who will offer local project management for localisation services throughout the region.

Silver Trak Digital CEO Tim Creswell said, “The new Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence is an incredible technological achievement and of great value to companies and organisations throughout the region. The local feedback we’ve been given is that south east Asia needs a new, honest, experienced player in the digitisation, restoration and preservation space. There is a digitisation deadline looming due to tape degeneration and format obsolescence and this facility offers the best technologies to address these issues along with excellent customer service to complement them.”

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Equipment in use at the new Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence in Kuala Lumpur

Silver Trak launches new Media Room frame accurate player at NAB 2019

For the first time at this year’s NAB Show, digital content management, production and distribution specialists Silver Trak will be demonstrating the very latest technological addition to their award winning Media Room solution, a new frame accurate player that now includes clipping, markers and annotations, audio track selection, caption extraction and much more.

Over the last five years Silver Trak has designed Media Room to be an agnostic content management platform. Developed for aggregating, hosting, searching and delivering media content anywhere in the world, Media Room focuses on three key concepts for content: security, availability and usage.

Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen explained Media Room’s new technology development and why it was so significant saying, “At this year’s NAB we will launch and showcase Media Room’s new frame accurate player which includes clipping, markers and annotations, audio track selection, caption extraction and much more.The new Media Room 3 player is unique as it shows proper SMPTE timecode. It also has the ability to set in and out points for clipping, create shot lists and export clips and shot lists with the added ability of transcoding. This is a first.”

Media Room was developed in-house by Silver Trak Digital to not only meet the demands of content aggregation, usage and delivery, but also to allow their customers to take advantage of the economies of scale as it securely hosts multiple clients’ data and provides a very affordable alternative to buying or building one-off content management and delivery systems.

Christiansen added, “The new Media Room 3 platform has the ability to overlay a canvas for annotations with the added functionality whereby markers and annotations created by several unique users can be exported as a single file based on timeline or user. In short, more functionality, more efficiency and a far more effective and useful user experience for our clients.”

Media Room, now entering its third development iteration has proved invaluable to many production and post production companies across Australia, including sporting enterprises, streaming channels, distribution houses and independent producers and companies.

The development of Media Room continues well into the future targeting and incorporating advanced technology innovations such as live stream capture, voice to text, facial recognition and AI integration.

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Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen

Silver Trak Digital is now part of the AWS Partner Network (APN)

Silver Trak Digital – continually striving for excellence is now part of the AWS Partner Network (APN)  having achieved accreditation as an APN Standard Partner.

We are proud to be apart of this network group and look to bring the benefits of the world’s leading web services and cloud computing provider to our clients.

The expertise of Silver Trak Digital in managing your content from ingest to download is totally protected by the advanced security protocols of Amazon Web Services, hosting your valuable content in a fully scalable, certified environment.

For more information on how Silver Trak Digital and Amazon can assist with your content management, security and delivery needs please see our website links or contact directly on +612 9007 5600.

Media Room awarded 2018 winner, Digital Media World

Silver Trak Digital’s Media Room software has been publicly recognised and awarded 2018 winner, Digital Media World – DAM platform for 2018.

DMW is one of Australia’s leading product advocates and research platforms guiding potential users through their listing of researched and highly recommended technology and software service providers and asserts a quality standard and value in its findings and contributors.

Media Room – Content Management system and service has been voted by a panel of DMW judges to be the leading asset management system in Australia and Silver Trak Digital is proud to accept the award.

With Media Room V3 scheduled to be released in 2019 we believe that the Media Room platform will surpass all others and lead the industry across Australia and Asia pacific.

4th year appearance at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show Las Vegas

Silver Trak were again in 2018 asked to co-locate with Aspera at the NAB show to represent the array of media industry services for which Silver Trak has become known.

Alongside professional industry services such as Broadcast Duplication, Technical Assessment (QC), Audio Conversion, Digitisation, DC mastering and others, the flagship service Media Room (asset aggregation and management) has captured substantial attention from the industry over the last couple of years.

The simplicity of use and tailored functionality has provided a secure, feature rich asset management platform removing the burden of building or managing in-house technology from content creators.

As a Media Asset Management system it provides all the power and features of the bigger systems at a fraction of the cost and is still capable of modification to suit specific client needs.

“The goal of Media Room software programming was to take away the techno vagaries and provide users with a common sense point and click functionality for content management. Yes you can pay for bigger, fancier systems and then spend your time trying to learn how to navigate the functions; half of which will probably never be used. Media Room was designed in discussion with our customers and reflects what they need” said Christian Christiansen, COO Silver Trak Digital.

The NAB Show in Las Vegas is the largest broadcast and technology show worldwide and boasts some 100,000 visitors passing through the exhibition centre doors over the five days of conference and exhibition.

The next show on the calendar will be Broadcast Asia – Singapore, which though not as big is significant in the Asia Pacific region and again Silver Trak and Media Room will be on display – come and visit us at the Aspera stand.
Better still find out more now by clicking on the below link about how Media Room can give you the freedom to manage your content.