How should I set up Media Room?

Media Room is a completely white labelled platform that you can brand to your company. You can have multiple Media Rooms and separate them to best suit your work processes. For example you could have a separate Media Room for different campaigns, productions or projects. The naming is entirely up to you just let our service team know and we can take care of the customisation.

How do I get my files into Media Room?

You can drag and drop any video file directly into your designated Media Room through the Upload page on your Media Room. If batch files require uploading then it is as easy as sending us a HDD and we will do the ingest for you and separate the files to the respective Media Rooms via file names. Media Room secures the master or hi-res file in cloud storage and automatically creates multiple proxy files for instant playback on any device.

Can you check the quality or completeness of the files or DCPs?

Yes; Media Room works in conjunction with our QC software “Baton” and can do a complete quality validation to ensure the integrity and completeness of the files or camera pack. There is a small cost for this service, but the report will ‘live’ with your production file in Media Room, fully accessible anytime.

How do I find my files?

It is recommended that you use a unique file naming convention as a primary identification. However, Media Room automatically extracts any recorded metadata created by the camera or added to the file during shoot or post. Additional descriptive metadata can be added into unlimited metadata fields at anytime following file upload. File search can be carried out on any metadata entry or combination. Silver Trak Digital is investigating AI technology to create automated metadata identifications and will be delivering this functionality as soon as stable and economical.

What if our internet connection is slow?

We use a 1Gbs connection with Aspera file acceleration which makes file delivery even from slower connections as fast as possible, particularly over long distances as the technology utilises different file transfer protocols. If multiple or extremely large files are required to be uploaded and you are concerned about your internet speeds then alternative traditional transfer methods can be organised through video tape or HDD delivery.

What quality files can I see in Media Room and share with colleagues?

Media Room workflows create multiple resolution proxy files so that no matter what device you are viewing the screener files on the file delivery will be optimised to suit that device, no matter whether desktop, laptop or mobile.

Can I send Broadcast or specific resolution/format files to my contacts?

Yes; you can send files in any bitrate to as many recipients as you like. Files can be Transcoded on demand as and when required. If there is a routine distribution Silver Trak can even create customised, workflows for you to automatically convert nominated files to meet the specification criteria of your recipients. These workflows can be named as you determine or by delivery location to provide easy to use access.

When I send a file, how do I know that it has been delivered?

Each recipient in a Delivery Room receives a unique link to access the file(s). Media Room automatically dispatches an e-mail notification to the creator when:

  • The file has been viewed or downloaded
  • The Delivery Room is due to expire (less than 24hrs) and one or more recipients have not accessed or viewed files.
  • The Delivery Room expires – in which case a full report is provided of all activities.

How secure are my files?

Silver Trak Digital has committed to the MPAA Site Security Program, which means that your files have a single point of reference, with all movements of hardcopy devices or electronic files tracked and reported. The Media Room platform has been designed to provide high level HLS encryption with client files stored in a private or coded cloud environment. Additional measures to prevent misuse or theft of files can be added with personalised Watermarking and through default adding of recipient’s e-mail address to display on playback. Every transaction through Media Room is tracked and documented.

Who gets to see my files?

Access and transaction options are controlled by you through the Administration function and can be switched on or off at a variety of levels with simple button click commands. Screener files can be dispatched to a mailing list through easy to use mail merge functions.

How difficult is the system to use – do I need to be an expert?

Media Room has been purposefully designed with a non technical person in mind – every command is in plain English and intuitive. User training is provided upon start-up, which generally takes the average user a little over an hour to feel comfortable using. Any questions or improvements can be raised and logged through our help centre with our friendly staff responding within 24 hours.

We are a small business and such systems are unaffordable – what is the cost?

Media Room is priced at a very competitive monthly cost and falls in line with most branded cloud storage, such as Amazon or ICloud, but offers and provides substantially more in search and usage capabilities. Your content is invaluable and should be managed. To buy and build your own systems of similar standard would require minimum capital investment of a million dollars, with on-going running costs of plus $100,000 annually; by comparison it maybe more costly not to have Media Room.

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Media Room is Australia’s first B2B, platform agnostic digital asset management tool, giving production companies, post-production houses, distribution companies and television stations affordable, redundant storage and online access to all of Silver Trak Digital’s services.