Keep Content at the Ready

Media Room provides the security and tools for companies to take hold of their content and keep it active for repurposing,
education, information and history.


Corporate independence

Avoid on-going archive costs by having only the Master content you need sorted and stored within corporate branded uniquely identifed categories.


corporate identity

Media Room allows easy search and access to content for training, information or cultural identity. Share files as viewable content on internal screeners to individuals or groups


Rapid file delivery

Avoid time bottlesnecks and drive operational efficiences with remote access to delivery ready files; social media or broadcast spots

A Secure Content
Management Platform

Media Room offers a completely self administrated platform that secures sensitive and valuable media content, with web-based accessibility and a professional level video player.

Have your campaign content life extended through easy search, view or download options. Rotate the campaign content across social media or VOD platforms by workflow set ups and timed release options.

Grow Corporate Culture
and Brand Awareness

Have content available for internal and external stakeholders through direct access or pointed e-mail distribution to ensure that company promotions and reaching all levels of the group.

Create the corporate bond by having great creative content re-born and re-purposed through events or nostalgia marketing.

Re-live the values of yesterday with all stakeholders and have them feel part of the process.

Media Room makes it easy to search, find reuse content quickly and effectively, making use of file accelerated technology for rapid delivery anywhere.

Maximise Media and Content

Hold your content files within an easy to access environment
enabling rapid video file sharing and downloads. Media Room
puts you in control of your content; saving you time and money
through rapid search and retrieval.

Review your campaigns, reuse content through clip creation,
create highlight content or show reels for one -off promotions
or nostalgia pieces for anniversaries or video training.

Content at your fingertips, wherever you are without having
to contact third parties or agencies.

Media Tools Managing the After Production Burden



All your media content in one place, secured and protected


Search and Use

Advance search features allows you to locate and use content through key words, strings or your identifications


Lighting File Transfers

High speed access to hi-res or proxy files delivers your content to any distribution platform in shortest possible time


User Access and Permissions

Completely controlled and administrated by you. Grant access to single, multiple or all campaign/media files


Customisable Features

Have your Media Rooms
personalised with your branding and apply property ownership through customisable watermarking.



See who has viewed your files, when and how many times and monitor what has been transacted.

Client Usage Case

Moose Toys

Moose Toys, with head office in Melbourne, Australia has a global presence when it comes to toy design, development and distribution, with offices located in the US, UK, Hong Kong and China.
The company sold product in more than 85 countries in 2017 and is currently listed as the fifth largest toy manufacturer in Australia and fourth largest in the United States…

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