Producing Great Content is Your Job – Managing it is Ours

Producing award winning content is hard enough without having to manage
the “after sales” of aggregation, security, codec formats, QC and delivery



Upload or Deliver content directly to Media Room via our Aspera enabled on-line portal or delivery bulk content on HDD and let our skilled operators take care of the rest.



Secure private cloud or AWS storage keeps content instantly accessible. Auto transcoding or trancoding on demand provides content distribution platform ready 24 x 7.



Customised workflows and rapid delivery of large files to key customers or distribution channels gets your content to the market and working for you.

Taking Care of Business

Surgeons don’t need to scrub the operating theatre, Engineers don’t need to lay the bricks, Pilots don’t need to fuel the plane, so why do Producers need to manage the content after the production is complete?

Media Room is a complete Content Management system. Simply upload the files and have your valuable work secured, with metadata extraction and customisable fields available to enhance and speed search capability.

Your content is ingested and proxied up to five different resolutions and frames rates for screener sharing or instant delivery to distribution platforms.

A single powerful platform delivering broadcast or streaming channel quality content keeping your content alive long after the initial mastering.

Content at your Fingertips

Utilising scalable cloud technology Media Room offers a limitless content repository, categorised and profiled to your needs with customisable metadata for you to search, access and use content quickly and easily.

Automatic transcoding profiles and transcode on demand combined with accelerated file transfer software allows you to move proxy or large HD files across the country or across the world at maximum bandwidth embrace.

Whatever your distribution platform requirement, Media Room holds your content in a state of constant readiness for you to rapidly take advantage of opportunities, whether sending out screener files or delivering hi-res masters.

Finding the Gold in the Stockpile of Content

Media Room provides you with the direct and critical platform to take advantage of your digital content and is strategically supported by the one stop process of Silver Trak Digital.

From offering a complete capability for digitising legacy formats to validating masters through Baton QC systems and creating DCPs for professional distribution, Silver Trak Digital and Media Room provide a single stop service for you to bring to life back catalogue or library material.

In a world of insatiable media appetite, production content has an appreciable value no matter when it was created or in what format it was recorded. Silver Trak Digital services can uncover the gold in the stockpile of content ore. Once uncovered Media Room provides the perfect aggregation and delivery facility, for you to be generating revenue out of once potentially forgotten material.

Media Tools Managing the After Production Burden


On-boarding at a Click

Upload files directly to your
Media Room or have batch
upload through intuitive
watch-folders or HDD delivery.
Have your files secured and
available in a matter of hours.


Process and Manage

Validate DCP content and
receive alerts. Automatically
create multiple proxy files of
Masters and media files;
immediately searchable
through enhanced metadata.


Customise workflows

Content automatically
transformed to your
delivery/distribution needs.
Profile resolutions and frames
rates automatically, with
encryption and watermarking at
your need.



Access and Permission at your
control with easy on/off clicks.
Screener viewing and download
under your control with
administration information
easily monitored to see what,
when and who.



Have your Media Rooms
personalised with your
branding and apply property
ownership through
customisable watermarking.



High Resolution, Campaign
or Screener proxy files available
for delivery or download
through the versatile
Media Room web portal.

Client Usage Case


Foxtel is one of Australia’s most progressive and dynamic media companies, and home to award-winning local drama, plus the best live sport, new movies, hit international programming and complete seasons, live and on demand anytime, anywhere. Together with Fox Sports, Foxtel delivers its diverse subscription television service to both regional and metropolitan areas streamed over broadband and broadcast via cable and satellite distribution systems.

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