Making sure that your content scores

Media Room provides content management for yesterday’s classic footage or today’s critical moments with the click of a button.
Everything available for your delivery when and where you want it in the quality output required for broadcast or streaming.

Media Room is ideally suited to support the immediate needs for Sporting Organisations, Channels and Streaming platforms;
keeping yesterday’s classic footage and today’s critical moments available for delivery when and where you want it,
in the quality output for broadcast or steaming.

Content Upload Made Simple

Once content is captured interface directly with Media Room and through automated workflows upload via the Aspera file accelerator link or simply dispatch the external hard drive for complete bulk ingest.

Make large volumes of data instantly available for search and retrieval through powerful cataloguing tools and metadata extraction. Enrich and addto the embedded metadata via annotations and shot lists in customised fields.

Media Room is available 24 x 7 from any internet connected device. Files are ingested, secured and processed for further action through automated workflows or by on-demand requests for delivery formats; H-264, SD, HD or 4K.

Security of Content Reassured

Media Room is protected by SSL technology and controlled by the room administration as to who has access rights and what functions can be performed. Content is retained in private cloud or AWS S3 “bucket” and duplicated in geographically separated locations which can only be accessed through the strict protocols of Media Room.

Video streaming offers a default level of protection via encrypted HLS (as used by Netflix and others). Full studio approved DRM is available as an option.

As an added benefit Media Room is closed loop communications, with branded video screeners and viewable statistical tracking, complemented by watermarking by default or on demand and supplemented by assigned limits on viewing.

Content at Your Fingertips

Increase the value of content by having it immediately available for screener viewing, download or delivery. Access levels can be granted to numerous users or content can be delivered to internal and external stakeholders, enabling teams, coaches, players, committees to quickly and easily review the event.

Create media releases or streaming content through automated workflows, capturing and outputting content at the necessary formats or transcode on demand for one-off delivery. Levels of access are assigned by the administrator and can be granted to numerous users at no additional cost. Media Room hosts sophisticated management tools to support content search, metadata tagging, clipping, automatic or on-demand transcoding, and delivery.

Tracking Knowledge

The ultimate test of the effectiveness is knowing who has received content, when was it received and who has opened it.

Media Room provides a complete history of content transactions from originator to receiver and can be set to delete after a nominated number of viewings.

The value of this is in knowledge of how content is being received and used promoting the marketing opportunities and growing revenues.

Making Content Work


On-boarding at a Click

Manage content by Up-loading straight to your designated Media Room


View and Use

Automatically transcode for instant viewing and sharing


Rapid file delivery

Deliver broadcast or social media ready files via Aspera hi-speed file acceleration technology


Powerful Search & Play

Maximise search capabilities via automated cataloguing, metadata and customised fields


Automate Delivery

Create workflows to enable specified delivery with automated codec and frame rates


View Usage

Evaluate who has viewed, when and where with file analytics

Client Usage Case


IMG operates through 30 countries as the pre-eminent sports, events and talent management company, representing and managing some of the worlds greatest sporting federations, talents and fashion icons hosting and distributing content for over 40 leading sports federations and government bodies worldwide.

IMG Australia, a subsidiary of IMG has distribution and production rights to a vast number of the Australian sporting codes. It also serves as a local distribution point for other IMG offices across the world.

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