Rod completed his television operations techniques certificate in 1984 at North Sydney TAFE and subsequently commenced his career at Video 8 Media where he gained his diverse base in television, film, video, production, distribution and broadcast.

In 1990 Rod branched out to establish TVD Broadcast, a significant supplier of broadcast services in the Sydney Market. As GM of TVD Broadcast, Rod oversaw the quality control, domestic and international program duplication and distribution for companies such as Opera Australia, Grundy Television, Southern Star, Hi-5, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and others.

During his 20 years at TVD Broadcast, Rod developed many skills in archival processes, managing many large Archive and Restoration Projects for clients such as Malcolm Douglas Films, Opera Australia and Grundy Television’s archival projects of Neighbours, Young Doctors, Prisoner and Son’s & Daughters.

The skills acquired dealing with many old and troubled tape masters as well as developing clean archiving and restoration processes are second to none. Rod developed many new techniques to allow the transfer of old 8mm, 16mm 35mm film, 2″ quad, 1″C, U-matic, 1/4″ and D2 into digital formats. Many of these processes are utilised as standard archiving practices today around the world.

In 2010 Rod returned to Video 8 Media. He assisted in the development of the Video 8 Media cloud based MAM solution, which helped Video 8 Media establish itself as a market leader in broadcast file based content delivery systems.

Rods 28 years in the media industries, his ability to adapt in an ever evolving media market as well as having a great knowledge of legacy formats, has held him in high esteem in the Broadcast, Archival and Distribution markets, locally as well as overseas.